10 WayFair Best Buys To Transform Your Bathroom

Showers and bathrooms can be opportunities to highlight your style in a dramatic way. They are small spaces and this allows for a big wow factor without being overwhelming. Here are 8 options to help you get your bathroom in tip-top shape without major renovations or expense.

1- Shower Curtains

Changing your shower curtain is a quick and inexpensive way to change the entire look of your bathroom. Whether you are going for a bold pattern or something more subtle, your shower curtain is certainly a statement piece.

2- Curtain Hooks

There are many types and styles of curtain hooks. Depending upon the style of your curtain and rod, you can find the right option for you.

3-C shape

The C shape shower hooks are a great option, they are typically quiet and hold up well. However, they can be a tight fit and not slide well.

4- S shape

The S shape shower hook is a favorite because they are sturdy and generally slide well. They are more visible than some other options, so pay careful attention to the aesthetic.


Circular hooks are an excellent option if you are looking for simple, modern design and durable hooks, these are the hooks for you.

6- Dual hooks

Dual hooks are great if you are also hanging a liner as well.

7- Rollerballs

Rollerball hooks are known for the ease with which they slide, however, these can often be loud when used.


This is a more expensive option than the other suggestions, but a new vanity can really transform a bathroom. Most can be installed with minimal effort. Plus, you can't beat the extra storage room!

9-Bath and Hand Towels

Whether getting ready for guests or decorating for a winter holiday, having decorative towels is an inexpensive and fun way to add some style to your bathroom. Best of all, it is not permanent which means you can change them out any time.

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