12 Best Luxurious Candles To Have In 2020

What’s a better way to relax than sitting in a cozy room with some scented candles burning on the side? Whether you’re planning to set up a meditation space or a cozy romantic evening with your lover, scented candles are a must-have. They totally uplift the vibe and the mood of a boring place. Although there are millions of luxurious candles in the market, selecting the best ones can be a bit overwhelming. But say no more! Here we are sharing the 12 best luxurious candles only for you. So, check these out, and thank us later!

1- Havana Scented Jar Candle

To begin with the best, we have this Havana Scented Jar Candle that features beautiful notes of citrus, black tobacco, and mahogany bark. It is a subtle yet very powerful masculine scent that fills the entire room. The burning time of this amazing candle is a whopping 60 hours.

2-Black Sandalwood Jar Candle

Next is this luxurious black Sandalwood jar candle. It not only looks aesthetic but burns with a fresh aroma of sandalwood, sweet tobacco, floral bergamot, and many other herbal notes. It is perfect for your meditation space. The candle features a premium and high-quality cotton wick that has a burning time of 60 hours.

3-Flameless Votive Candle

If you're looking for an affordable and beautiful artificial candle set, then this is for you. These are modern flameless and unscented candles that come in a set of six. They run on batteries that come along them and run for a good 100 hours. These candles look very exotic and what's even better? You don't need to deal with the messy wax!

4-Flameless Flickering Candle

This is yet another flameless candle for you to check out. It is a beautiful aqua blue candle that comes as a single piece. It looks very stylish with a warm flickering flame. It runs up to 230 hours and comes along with the batteries as well. Further, you can choose from three colors and two sizes.

5-Lavender Scented Candle Jar

Lavender is known to calm your senses and relax your body. If you're also a fan of lavender fragrance, then look no further than this beautiful and aromatic candle jar. It burns for up to 60 hours and the best part is, its scent doesn't fade away over time. It is perfect for your aromatherapy sessions!

6-Sugar Cookie Flavored Candle

Do you love cookies? If so, we have picked a perfect candle for you! This candle burns to give off a lovely sugar cookie scent that fills up an entire room. Either has it for yourself or buy it as a gift to your friend's upcoming birthday. You'll not be disappointed.

7-Sea Salt Jar Candle

This sea salt candle jar is completely eco-friendly. It burns with a very fresh and unique fragrance, somewhat like the aroma of beach waves. Also, the concrete jar makes a beautiful decor piece.

8-White Musk And Fragra Rose Scented Candle

If you're planning to set up a romantic date night then, this scented candle will be your perfect companion. It has a romantic white musk and fragrant rose fragrance that will surely make your night memorable. Also, it is completely natural and free of toxic chemicals.

9-Flameless Luxurious Decor Candle Set ( 3Pcs)

If you've to pick only one luxurious candle set for your home, then this would be our recommendation. The set contains 3 beautiful flameless golden candles that come in different sizes. These look extremely aesthetic when lit. They come with a 4 and 6 hours timer and a flame adjusting switch as well.

10-Indigo Pillar Candles

These stunning indigo-colored pillar candles are rustic and classic at the same time. They are completely handmade and natural. They have a very unique and fresh scent that suits all kinds of occasions.

11-Hawaiian Scented Jar Candle

Ever been to Hawaii? If no, then don't worry! By using this beautiful candle, you'll be able to have a Hawaiian experience right at your home. It is a natural and toxin-free candle that has a lasting fragrance. The smell is subtle and not overpowering at all. This one is a must-try!

12-Flameless Tealight Candle Set ( 8 pcs)

Tealight candles are always the first choice of homeowners. In fact, they are the must-haves for festive occasions. This tealight candle set consists of 8 flameless candles that you can use to illuminate your rooms.

That’s about it. These were our favorite candle picks for you. All the listed candles are very affordable and are of great quality as well. We hope this article helps you in selecting the best products for you.

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