Decor Trends That Will be Huge in 2020

If you are looking for an idea for your reform or want to know the next home decoration trends for the year 2020 at the level of interior design and architecture, this page interest you.

Modular and flexible furniture

The best design makes life simpler and more relaxed. So the year 2020 the trends that enter with more force are the multifunctional and modular furniture. The popularity of these pieces of furniture lies in their versatility, being capable to have several placement formats.

Adapting to the trending needs of users has led designers to make special pieces that respond to different spaces and uses, being capable to organize the furniture according to the use of each place of the home.

Woods are best

Wood is a classic that is forever reinvented, and by the year 2020, it will not stop shocking. The organic lines, curve, and folds merge with the warmth of the wood to show pieces of furniture and special details that look as if they had been carved out of the single piece.

It is dedicated to dark lacquers and streaks marked in deep and rich wood tones. A trend that can be applied rightly to any area in the home, whether in detail of furniture or pieces made fully of this noble material.

Beige is back

Beige comes trendy in enrich the classic neutral shade palette with shades ranging from the color of the sand to the softest chocolate shade. It is perfect for a wall, for an extremely leading piece of furniture or to gather with that orange that we truly want to view next season.

The dark side

Gone are the Scandinavian designs full of neutral and white tones. By 2020, bold compositions and designs are guessed that use dark and deep tones for both walls and furniture.

Elegant and dark shades are a bold proposal that breaks with the traditional Scandinavian style bathed in light shades. In order not to saturate the areas, it is proposed to make a balance between the shades of the furniture and the walls, gathering neutral tones and accentuating specific elements of the wall or furniture covering to make a focal point in each area.

Lamps that will leave you breathless

On the subject of innovation, lighting and new proposals are wonderful. From geometric lamps that lean over pure and easy linens to compositions of several pieces that make special scenographies in each area.