How to Choose a Home Interior Decorator?

Have you just moved into a new place and are totally clueless about its decoration? Or you have just realized that your home has turned boring and the home décor needs an overhauling? Well, in that case, you certainly need the aid of a home interior decorator.

Before we move onto the further intricacies of selecting a good decorator for your home, let’s clarify a misconception most of us have and that is assuming a home interior designer and decorator to be the same. While a designer also looks towards the architectural aspect of your place, a decorator is more concerned with decorative items like the kind of furniture to be used, curtains and lampshades to be installed, etc. So, if you want to just get your home decorated, an interior decorator is the one you should look for.

An interior decorator is the one who will make your home look more appealing and attractive. Hiring a professional for the purpose of getting your home beautified is always a better option than doing it solely by yourself. A skilled person will always have a keen eye on work and will work in your budget. He/ She will be having exceptional knowledge of the latest trends and you will see the worth of your money.

Getting a good interior decorator can be a typical task so start socializing. Spread the news that you are looking for a home decorator in your network, who knows anyone in your circle might just help you out with this. Get in touch with the local designing agency furnishing them with your requirements.

Building contractors are closely associated with designers; ask some of them to help you find one. Social networking comes to the rescue here as well, post about it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Skill pages for better delivery of information.

Shortlist the decorators who have reverted back and get an appointment with them. Go through their portfolios, talk to them about your preferences, their availability, negotiate prices but don’t fix up everything there itself. Return back and decide at your own ease. Ask about their previous projects and have talked with their clients. They are going to be the one who can give you proper feedback.

Make the designer understand your tastes, put up your demands frankly. Listen to their suggestions as well but don’t let them overrule your decision. It’s your money after all and you should get its total worth. If you think the person is not the right one for, drop him and go for someone else. There isn’t a dearth of designers in any case.

Have a clear talk with the interior decorator about his charges so that problems don’t arise later on. While some go for hourly payments, some take up monthly charges. Sometimes the decorator includes the material charges in their fee so have an honest discussion about it. People often go for a contract in such cases; you may go for it as well.

Communicate with the designer at regular intervals, ask him to give you a detailed progress report on a daily basis so that you know the status of work saving you from a lot of botherations in the process.