Latest Home Decor Trends 2020

We are going to know the decoration trends 2020 so you do not miss out on what is to come.

The trends of 2020 are declining now and so they tell us from Pinterest. There they follow carefully which are the most marked and wanted pins to tell us what trends are increasing for 2019 and 2020.

Fewer walls

It follows with force the tendency to the walls down and makes diaphanous and open areas. Mainly in the kitchen area, it is preferred to open to the dining room and sharing places. When you pick to separate your look for more diaphanous elements such as glass doors.

Recycle and reuse

Recycling is no longer just a style but a way of life. If you join the creativity of millions of DIY that we can find in the online world you will get a special and very unique piece of furniture. And all the objects and furniture are full of possibilities if we know how to view them. Be on special furniture!

A touch of freshness

Because our houses also need a touch of freshness, the plants have become essential. Whether in the type of natural plants that frame magic sides or on paper or decorative sheets. Any choice is best to add them to your decoration.

The mixture enriches

The time when all walls, floors, etc, had a special finish is a history, which it takes now is to combine. Cement pavements are gathered with drawings of hydraulic tiles or imitation ceramic parquet. The walls become beautiful with accented graphics that break the homogeneity of perfect surfaces. The color does not just come from the hand of textiles and accessories, but the furniture is dressed in strong colors that bring personality to the room. Neutral tones will not go out of style, but it is best to learn to take risks.

Frosted or matt glass

Matt or frosted glass will have a powerful attendance in lighting elements. Being capable to be area dividers as sliding doors or for the bathroom. A trend that that until recently was considered obsolete and in dirty flavor is transformed to reinvent itself and be an important element for decorative solutions, doors, and lighting.

The 80s are back

Bright finishes, chrome details, neon elements, and holographic. The 80s returned to stay. Little details that transport us to the golden era of design that is presented in both pieces of furniture and in coverings and lamps, reinterpreting this style by fusing it with contemporary lines.